Posted by: dbrandonw | September 14, 2009

LA Times Does 2-Part Article on Michael

To the supporters of Michael Behenna,

Michael sends his sincere appreciation for the undying support and commitment of everyone who believes in him and prays for him and other US soldiers who fight this never-ending war against terrorists.  We have been seeking national attention to exonerate Michael for the killing of an Al-Qaeda terrorist in self-defense and to expose the injustice committed by the military legal system.  It is only fitting that Michael’s story was published in the LA Times over the 9/11 weekend, because that attack was the catalyst for Michael to join the Army and serve his country.

The following links are a two-part series written by Joe Mozingo of the LA Times.  The series portrays the events before, during, and after Michael’s trial.  If the military can deny justice to a soldier like Army Ranger 1LT Michael Behenna, who was committed to his soldiers and his country, then what soldier is safe?   Please read BOTH articles to get the whole story and then SEND them to as many people as possible.  (when reading the articles click on the pictures to the left to see additional pictures and an interactive display)

LA Times article – Part 1

LA Times article – Part 2

We very much appreciate your prayers and your support and for being a part of the growing movement to get justice for Michael.

Thank you,

Scott & Vicki Behenna

Proud parents of 1LT Michael Behenna, US Army Ranger, 101st Airborne



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