Clemency Letter from Oklahoma Congressional Delegation


  1. Carry The Flame, bikers and Vets, will arrive in El Reno at the VFW, 12:30 this Sunday. They are traveling from Marstow, California to Washington D.C. I have contacted the VFW, and I am going to help serve lunch, wear my Free Michael Behenna t shirt etc. Does anyone have Free Michael biker flags they can bring? She said she was certain they would carry them.

  2. […] Clemency Letter from Oklahoma Congressional Delegation […]

  3. What is the address to write Michael???

  4. Michael and his family are in my prayers and they will continue in my prayers until he is set free. Michael was willing to give his life for this country (me); yet this country is not willing to stand by him. Our leaders (both military and political) need our prayers also as they have lost their moral compass.

  5. wow, I saw his mother and father this past week at our Tea Party in Tulsa Ok. The story tears at the very soul. Here we have a good man, trained to do a certian job most would shy away from, hunt and even kill the guys that attacked us a few years ago. We now have to have them read thier miranda rights and hope they dont shot back at them, and if they do, and our military defends themsleves they go to prison. WOW !! what has MY country turned into ? this isnt MY AMERICA as the song goes.

  6. Our family will be praying for Michael and his family until he is released ! Michael does not deserve what has been given to him .He was willing to defend our country to the death and here we are throwing him in prison for defending himself how can this be. How can this country sit back and do nothing to defend this man .God will have the revenge in the end !

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