Legal Disclosure

The Fund is not connected with or recognized by the United States Army and is not a 501 © (3) registered tax exempt organization. As a result, donations are not tax exempt. Donors are advised to consult with their tax advisors regarding state or federal tax implications. This is a beneficial trust for LT. Behenna’s legal defense only and does not create a trust relationship with any donor or third party.

The Fund will not disclose the name of any donor to the public or to any third party unless specifically required by law. The Fund will disclose general information such as number of donors and the amount contributed to the Fund.


  1. We are fighting a War on Terror. These people hate America. Although I do not know 1LT Behenna, I believe that the information, as presented, surrounding this incident favors his actions.

    Mansur was a terrorist operating for Al Qaeda and purposefully and intentionally harming American soldiers. With the capture/kill order being issued a few days later it is obvious that the government and his commanders wanted Mansur dead.

    It is absolutely unbelievable that he would even stand trial for this in the first place. If more soldiers acted the way 1LT Behenna did the world would be a better off place.

    I’m not sure what the underlying motivation is of the government for prosecuting him, but I can only guess it has leftist tendencies and sympathizers behind it. Again, these people are terrorists and their sole purpose is to harm Americans, civilian or military!

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