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  1. This is the type of action that gives our nation such a bad reputation among prominent countries. We ask our soldiers to do a job. When they do it, they are treated in such a terrible way. I would guess that something happened with higher ranking officers that the army does not want anyone to know. So they used Michael as a front or screen to coverup something that WAS really wrong. The ranking officers of Michael’s unit should not be able to sleep at night. It is too bad that we have reached a point of “No ethics or feeling of right and wrong”. Michael should not be going through this. Fix this, someone, please!!!!

  2. Feelings of anger and sadness consume me as I read of this situation. Regardless of what took place on the date of the death, Michael is an American Soldier. Standing in the face of advertisity and dealing with situations most of us couldnt possibly understand. I thank you Michael for fighting for our country. I thank you for your sacrifice and hardships. To the family of Michael, may God intervine and provide a miracle for this injustice. Is it not bad enough that a mother and father have to lay in bed every night fearing the loss of someone so dear to them. Now we take their child for serving his country. Pre meditated… what a joke. This man was raised by a good family. He received the most elite training in the world. He has no history of anything like this in the past. I cant understand. All I can say is im sorry. I hope and pray that this situation will be resolved. You will be in my prayers.

    Michael Maroules

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