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Dr. Herbert MacDonnell was the government’s expert witness on blood splatter.  He is THE authority in the United States and has investigated such high profile cases as Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and OJ Simpson.  In a meeting with the prosecution team in the trial of Lt Michael Behenna he demonstrated how Ali Mansur must have been standing and reaching for Lt Behenna’s gun when he was shot which directly contradicted the argument the government was making.  Because his testimony was not helpful to their case the government did not put him on the stand and thus the jury did not hear of Dr. MacDonnell’s findings.  The email below is from Dr. MacDonnell to the prosecuting attorneys telling them ‘in the interest of justice’ to advise the defense of his conclusion that Lt Behenna was telling the truth.  This evidence is considered ‘exculpatory’ and is required to be turned over to the defense as soon as the government learns of it.  This email was received by the defense team AFTER the verdict.

Government’s Expert Witness  Email to Prosecution Team

Lt Michael Behenna was rated in the top 20% of Army officers.  Here is his evaluation report.  Page 2 is the most revealing.

Officer Evaluaton Report Page 2 – 1LT Behenna

Officer Evaluation Report Page 1 – 1LT Behenna

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